We are happy to announce the Maryland chapter events and registration information for the 2018-2019 academic year. We hope you join us!



Join the Maryland Chapter of CUPA-HR for our October 12th meeting at Harford Community College!  We are excited to bring to you Standout Assessment:  Find your Edge.  Win at Work!

In the morning session we will feature a time to develop you!!

 Understanding what you are naturally good at is critical for you professionally.  The Standout assessment measures 9 “Strength Roles” and reveals your Top 2.  These roles describe your edge – those ingrained traits and tendencies that give you a natural advantage.  Learn more about each of your strength roles and how they work together.  The Standout Assessment will be offered with a workshop facilitated by ADP.  This is a chance for our HR professionals to develop themselves, something that often gets set aside as we develop our employees. 

In the afternoon session we will hone our craft!!

HR Hot Topics:

One of the benefits of coming together as a community is a chance to identify common issues and share solutions.  Think about the issues you are struggling with on your campus.  Take this time to share wins that you’ve had over the last year in solving a problem.  Let’s help each other with our common challenges.

Get involved in your local chapter of MD CUPA-HR.  Membership is free!!  It’s an opportunity to contribute to the greater good of our profession and show your passion for our discipline.  We will have committee signup sheets available to you!

The benefits of joining include:

1)            Three to four professional development conferences a year featuring relevant and informative seminars

2)            Engaging and networking with your HR peers from other Higher Education Institutions

3)            Assembling tools and strategies to enhance your leadership capabilities and HR expertise



Upcoming Events:

February 1, 2019- Location- To Be Announced

May 17, 2019- Location-Prince George’s Community College

If you have any questions regarding a meeting please email

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