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Most of our in-person events have been postponed this year, but everyone at the national and chapter level will be hard at work to continue to provide opportunities for learning and staying connected from afar.

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  Oneness Lab Virtual Chapter Keynote

About this event:

We find ourselves in a moment where we're navigating the challenging context of pandemic-impacted workplaces and communities, alongside fraught and polarized discourse around racial justice that seems to be heating up more every month.  As we seek to bridge divides between "us" and "them," how might building racial literacy help us to move beyond the dichotomy of calling people out versus calling in, to something new: "calling up."  This is where we rise to our potential, holding a space for sincere and courageous conversation, relationship cultivation, community-building, and deeper learning.  This talk will explore some big ideas and practical steps you can take in your professional and personal spaces.

Homa Tavangar and Eric Dozier will hold a live Q&A session after the keynote presentation that they developed for CUPA-HR.  This is designed to unlock the mindsets and skillsets that help us go deeper than "achieving diversity." This will help participants gain racial literacy, learn positive approaches, and cultivate the courage and skills needed for building racial justice.

Homa Tavangar - Author, Leadership Coach, Advisor


Eric Dozier - Music Educator, Cultural Activist, Recording Artist


Date of the Event: Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 1 pm - 2:15 pm CST - online

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2022 Virtual Spring Conference 
April 19-21, 2022
Details to come!

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