Chapter Information

The Utah Chapter of CUPA-HR (College and University Professional Association – Human Resources) supports the national CUPA-HR organization, providing leadership and resources to the higher education HR professions.  The Utah, Western Region, and National CUPA-HR organizations offer essential knowledge, resources and connections that enhance individual and institutional capacity and competitiveness in the higher education arena.

Providing regular in-state professional Conferences and other training  opportunities is one way that the Utah Chapter of CUPA-HR enhances the knowledge base for higher education HR professionals.  These meetings provide an opportunities to network and exchange HR knowledge and experiences among institutions throughout the state of Utah.  These high quality and timely educational programming and informational events keep members informed about HR topics and issues, including relevant legislation enacted in Utah as well as nationally which may impact higher education policies, procedures, regulations and interpretations.

Information about membership in the Utah Chapter can be found here.