Board Nominations

2018-19 Board Nominations

Are you interested in joining our CUPA-HR SoCal Chapter Board and having some fun serving our chapter members?  We are excited to be accepting nominations for five openings starting July 2018.  The positions are as follows: President-Elect, Program Coordinator, Secretary, Sponsor Relations Coordinator, and Communications-Media Coordinator.

Our Board works as a team to develop and coordinate the programs offered throughout the year for all SoCal CUPA members.  As a Board member, you will take on an important role – to determine how best to effectively engage our members, understand their professional development needs, and help impact the CUPA SoCal Chapter.

All interested candidates are required to submit a bio and complete a statement of interest, for the position of interest, by February 23, 2018.  

We have changed our selection process to mirror the National and Regional board’s process. Going forward, the current board will vote and select the candidates to fulfill the open positions. Elections will be held in March.  We hope you will consider one of the following professional opportunities to serve:

  1. PRESIDENT-ELECT:The President-elect serves as the special aide to the President and assumes all presidential duties in the absence of the President. The primary goal of the President-elect term is to shadow the President, provide input at meetings, and learn about the operations of the Board. The President-elect also supports Board efforts in the absence or in support of Board members at its triannual chapter meetings. The President-elect coordinates elections for the following year. This Board position spans over three academic years, first as President-elect, then President, and then as Past President.
  2. PROGRAM COORDINATOR: The Program Coordinator is responsible for the planning and securing of speakers for the educational portions of the triannual chapter meetings, on average about four speakers each meeting, based on input and recommendations from the entire board. The Program Coordinator also organizes the request for pre-approved HR recertification credit hours through HRCI. The Program Coordinator is most often the one to introduce the speakers at the chapter meeting, however this responsibility can be delegated. This position has a one-year term.
  3. SECRETARY:The Secretary records the official decisions and actions of the Board during monthly planning meetings and at the chapter’s annual business meeting. The secretary notifies the national office of the time, date, and place of triannual chapter meetings and develops email communication for dissemination to members. The secretary is also responsible for welcoming new members to SoCal CUPA-HR based on a quarterly update of members from the National office and inviting them to the upcoming Chapter meeting(s). The secretary also receives the registration list for the triannual chapter meetings from the national office, produces nametags, and checks members in the day of the meeting. This Board position spans over two academic years in order to maintain continuity, alternating with the Treasurer.
  4. SPONSOR RELATIONS COORDINATOR:The Sponsor Relations Coordinator is the primary contact with sponsors that attend the triannual chapter meetings. This position secures the sponsorship agreements and payments for the chapter meetings and networking dinners that accompany each meeting either the night before or the day of the meeting. The Sponsor Relations Coordinator is also responsible to welcome and introduce sponsors to members, along with emceeing the sponsorship drawings at the triannual meetings. This position also has a public relations role networking with current sponsors as well as cultivating new sponsors for chapter events. This position has a one-year term.

COMMUNICATION-MEDIA COORDINATOR:  The Communication-Media Coordinator is primarily responsible for connecting the membership to the chapter activities by providing information on a regular basis to chapter members.  This includes preparing and distributing email communication on behalf of all chapter board members, responding to member inquiries, overseeing the chapter website to promote events, and maintaining the chapter Dropbox communication materials and chapter email databases.  The Communication-Media Coordinator is also responsible for developing the chapter social media and online presence and designing marketing and promotional materials for the chapter. This position has a one-year term.

To learn more about these positions from any one of our current board members, please visit our chapter website for contact information.