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As we are approaching the beginning of a new membership year, and as my last official duty as Past President, it is time to thank those elected officers who have served us over the past year and to elect a slate of officers for FY 2011-2012.

2010-2011 Board of Directors– Thank you for your hard work and dedication over this past year. 

  • Kim Howard – President                                                    
  • Lisa Belanger – President-Elect
  • Remle Gordon – Past President
  • Peter Martel – Secretary
  • David Everitt – Treasurer/Membership 
  • Tracy Hassett – Webmaster  

I would also like to thank the entire 2010-2011 SNECUPA-HR Board for their ongoing commitment to the HR profession:  Carmelita Bello, Cathy Currie, Barbara Lema, Kate O’Leary, Lynn Olson, Erika Paquette, Omaira Roy, Kathy Stewart, Robert Tetreault and David Trainor. 

Slate of Candidates – 2011-2012 – Your vote is important.  Please e-mail me a Yea or Nay vote, or write-in candidate, for the slate below by June 1, 2011 so we may establish a quorum. 

President:  Lisa Belanger, University of Hartford 
Past President:  Kim Howard, University of Massachusetts – Boston 
Treasurer/Membership:  David Everitt, College of the Holy Cross 
Secretary:  Peter Martel, Dean College
President-Elect:  Tracy Hassett, WPI 

Write-in Candidate:      ___________________________________­­_

 Webmaster:  Kate O’Leary, Babson College

Write-in Candidate:      ___________________________________­­_

To date, the following individuals have agreed to serve on the Board as at-large members:

  • Carmelita Bello, Colleges of the Worcester Consortium
  • Catherine Currie, Bryant University
  • Remle Gordon, Wheaton College
  • Barbara Lema, Wheaton College
  • Lynn Olson, Clark University
  • Erika Paquette, Bryant University
  • Omaira Roy, Mount Ida College
  • Kathryn Stewart, Wellesley College
  • Robert Tetreault, Rhode Island College
  • David Trainor, Connecticut State University System

If anyone has a desire to become more involved and would be interested in serving on the Board, please contact me at .