Scholarship and Mentoring Program

South Carolina CUPA-HR Mentorship Program


Program Overview

Mentoring relationships have proven positive effects on performance and personal growth, making them one of the most popular forms of professional development. SC CUPA-HR’s Scholarship and Mentoring Program matches experienced college and university HR professionals (mentors) with students seeking professional development in the HR field (mentees). The program is made possible through the generous support of SC CUPA-HR members, who provide funding and volunteer their time as mentors. In return for their support, mentors enjoy the opportunity to give back to the HR community while building mentoring and coaching skills.

Program Mission

The SC CUPA-HR Scholarship and Mentoring Program aims to create unique, mutually beneficial relationships between HR students and experienced college and university HR professionals based near them.

Program Goals

  1. To provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge of HR practices, to familiarize students with the HR profession and to help students develop professional contacts with experienced college and university HR professionals.
  2. To strengthen the pipeline of students entering the HR profession in South Carolina and to create a bridge for them to become future contributing members of CUPA-HR.
  3. To provide college and university HR professionals with the opportunity to foster the professional growth of students by sharing their knowledge, skills, information and perspectives.For more information and application instructions, click HERE.