CUPA-HR Oregon Chapter Conferences – Host Institution Responsibilities

We ask that our host institutions appoint a site coordinator to work with the Oregon CUPA HR President-Elect in organizing the following conference needs:

Space requirements:

  1. One larger room will be needed to seat 50-60 people comfortably. Table arrangement is classroom style: round tables with 8 to a table (if possible, arrange seats so no persons back is to the front). A small table, chair and podium up front for the speaker. Continental breakfast and refreshments should be set up along the back or side of the room.
  2. Two additional rooms to be used for breakout sessions during the day (one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon in each room). Each room should be able to accommodate 30 people comfortably. Classroom style, with podium available for speaker.
  3. In close proximity to the main meeting room: a table with two chairs for registration and a coat rack.
  4. Possible space for additional tables for sponsors – depending upon sponsor attendance.

Audio-Visual requirements:

Each speaker is asked to detail his/her A-V needs and the information will be forwarded to the host institution 2-3 weeks in advance of the event.  In almost every case, the speaker will ask for a computer projector and screen, flip charts and pens and a lavaliere microphone.

Lunch logistics:

If possible, lunch should be served in a separate room but if this option is not available, the main meeting room could be used. The host institution may chose to host a campus tour immediately following lunch.

Food Service:

Total food costs should not exceed $20 per person. The food count should accommodate the registered participants and speakers. The President-Elect will work with the site coordinator to choose the menu and will provide the coordinator with a final headcount within a day of the close of registration.

Typical schedule for food service

8:30 – 9:00 AM Continental breakfast, typically to include fruit, rolls, coffee, tea and water
10:15 – 10:30 AM Morning break, refresh continental breakfast
11:45 – 12:45 Buffet lunch: include vegetarian option

No other food service required beyond the availability of water during the rest of the day.


Coordinate with the Oregon CUPA HR Board parking needs and requirements.

  1. If passes needed, arrange for appropriate number based upon registration.
  2. Provide directions, parking information and campus maps to Board to forward to registrants.


Coordinate with Oregon CUPA HR Board on signage needs on campus identifying conference location, rooms and directions on campus.

Presidents Welcome:

When possible, the host president should give a 5-10 minute welcome to kick off the event.  If the president is unavailable, a welcome form another high level official is appropriate.

Day of the event responsibilities:

The site coordinator should be available to assist the Oregon CUPA HR Board with logistics as needed during the day – Assist with coordination of A-V and  food service staff as needed, providing information on restrooms and other logistics that may require explanation, parking coordination and any other functions specific to the site which may be required. After the event, the site coordinator should arrange for a bill of expenses to be sent to the Oregon CUPA HR Treasurer for reimbursement.