Scholarship Guidelines

Nevada Chapter CUPA-HR Scholarship Guidelines

1.  Applicant must be an employee at a member institution of the Nevada Chapter and must be employed in a Human Resources department or have human resources functions as a responsibility in current position.

 2.  Scholarships are to be used for travel/lodging, conference / class / certification / continuing education registration costs, materials, books, tests, etc.

 3.  Scholarship Applications may be submitted throughout the fiscal year but at least 30 days prior to event. Those requests received less than 30 days prior will not be guaranteed review.

 4.  Awards are based on the number of applications and amount of funds available and receive final approval by the NV CUPA-HR Chapter Board of Officers. 

 5.  Priority is given to:

  • Awards to national, regional and local CUPA-HR sponsored events
  • Applicants who have not received a scholarship in the past over previous scholarship recipients
  • CUPA-HR participation on a committee, volunteering at a conference, and/or holding an office

 6.  The Committee will send recommendations to the Chapter President for Board review and approval. The applicant will be notified regarding approval or denial within 7 days of Committee review. 

Revised: 8/1/2010