Officer and Committee Member Responsibilities

NV CUPA-HR Board of Directors 

Officer Responsibilities from Nevada Chapter Policies and Procedures

The President will provide overall leadership for the chapter and partner with the National CUPA-HR Office. Some of the duties of the President will be to notify board members of meetings, to preside at all meetings, to oversee management of the chapter conference and to appoint committee chairs. The President will perform other executive duties as required. The Chapter President will serve a two-year term and then assume the position of Past-President for two years.

The President-elect shall serve as the special aide to the President, and shall assume all presidential duties in the absence of the President. The President-elect serves as the point person charged with planning and implementing the annual conferences and meetings of the chapter. The position of President-elect is a two-year term and then President-elect assumes the position of President.

The Past President shall act as advisor to the President and the Board to ensure continuity of leadership. The position leads the election process and participates in outreach initiates, professional development, and conference planning. The position of Past President serves a two-year term.

The Treasurer oversees chapter finances and works closely with the President and board members to prepare both annual operating budget and annual conference budget and ensures compliance with all fiscal rules and policies while maintaining appropriate financial accountability in accordance with annual audit guidelines. The Treasurer serves a two-year term.

The Secretary shall record all official actions of the Board of Directors and of the membership at the Chapter’s annual business meeting. The secretary will also ensure that members are notified of time, date, and place of meetings, and ensure distribution of agenda materials. The Secretary shall serve a two-year term.

NV CUPA-HR Standing Committees 

Committee Member Responsibilities

The Northern and Southern Program Coordinator shall be an employee of a member institution working in their respective region and is responsible for coordinating development programs and services for Northern or Southern Nevada chapter members. The Program Coordinator shall assist the President in planning and carrying out the programmatic functions of the Chapter.

The Northern and Southern Events and Sponsors Program Coordinator work in collaboration with chapter leadership to cultivate new members and sponsorship.

Program, Event and Sponsor Coordinators serve a two-year term.

Rev: 2/11/2020