2020-21 Winter Event


Grow! Learn! Connect!

Guided by CUPA-HR’s mission and core values and in line with the association’s Learning Framework, the Northern New England CUPA-HR (NNECUPA-HR) Chapter is pleased to announce a virtual Winter Event (learning series) which will include 13 virtual sessions, a virtual exhibit hall to meet and connect with our sponsors, opportunities to win giveaways and connect, and more…

Session topics will include focuses on:

  • CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Lessons Learned In a Remote Workplace
  • Mental Health & Personal Wellness
  • And much more . . .

Registration is available until January 8, 2021, and is being offered at no cost.

Whether you plan to attend a few sessions or all of them, you will receive an all-access pass to the entire event (for all sessions and the virtual exhibit hall).

Special thanks to our partner chapter, Southern New England CUPA-HR who is collaborating with us on two significant sessions with this event.


Introduction & Overview of CUPA-HR Learning Framework

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2020: 11am – noon
Presented by: Cassie Goryl, Rhode Island School of Design, Eastern Region at-large board member and Southern New England Chapter/Northern New England Chapter mentor

(Aligns with the ‘Core’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

What HR competencies and leadership skills are necessary to do our best work and have the greatest impact on our institutions? That’s the question CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework was created to answer.  The learning framework, guided by CUPA-HR’s mission and core values, represents a commitment to promote and encourage the highest standards of higher ed HR leadership and development. It is the guide to HR skills and competencies in higher education.

In collaboration with the Southern New England CUPA-HR Chapter, join us to learn about the CUPA-HR Learning Framework, how to navigate it, and ways to apply it! Also, learn about updates and other resources from CUPA-HR.

Part II of this session is being offered as the closing session (noted below) to discuss and apply the learning (from this event) to the Learning Framework and individual/team development plans.

The Courage to Go Together™: Three Questions to Change How You Work, Live & Lead

TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm
Presented by: Shola Richards, Workplace Civility Activist, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, and Best-selling Author.
(Aligns with the ‘Engagement – Culture’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

In collaboration with the Southern New England CUPA-HR Chapter, join us for an inspiring, high-energy, engaging, and relatable session providing actionable strategies to transform work culture, build resilience, amplify team civility and inclusion, and inspire others by consistently bring your best to work.
Learn the three questions that to ask yourself to increase the likelihood of a civil, engaged, and productive work culture and understand the keys to create a resilient mindset, regardless of the circumstances and the answers to the most common objections to beginning, and sustaining the important work of positively transforming your work culture.

Mental Health @ Work: Support, Inclusion + Realistic Expectations

TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2021: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Presented by: Jamie Klein, CEO at Inspire Human Resources
(Aligns with the ‘Core’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

Addressing mental health in the workplace is not as simple as offering more flexibility and resources. It’s a balancing act to meet both the company’s and individual employee’s needs. Done well, though, you’ll cultivate a productive, healthy, and attractive culture that enhances your employer brand into the future.  This session’s discussion for Mental Health @ Work will cover topics including the business case for supporting employee mental health—why it’s in a company’s best interests to get it right; the leader’s role in supporting employees’ mental health: being supportive but not intrusive; supporting employees who face additional challenges, while not overburdening team members; and keeping employees engaged as the pandemic persists.

Leading Diversity through Emotional Intelligence

THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm
Presented by: Nageen Riffat, Nyn’s Dreams LLC
(Aligns with the ‘Engagement – DEI’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

The path to C-Suite cannot be traveled only by our skills to increase sales or what our educational background is. It is best traveled by our ability to lead teams, keep it together when things are falling apart and inspire those around us to take action and boost productivity. This session will explore the four core domains of Emotional Intelligence (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness & Social Management) and learn to identify the unique strengths of leaders to include developing an energizing, inspiring vision; taking care of their teams and customers; acknowledging and addressing your own unconscious bias as a way to actively move themselves, the company, and all of society forward; and fostering a more diverse work culture.

Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions in the Days of COVID

THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 2021: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Presented by: Mandy Levine, HR Consultant with employment law background championing diversity, equity, and inclusion-related initiatives and conducting workplace investigations as a licensed Professional Investigator.
(Aligns with the ‘Engagement – DEI’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

The COVID pandemic has contributed to a society that, for many, feels more fractured and divisive than ever before.  The “us versus them” divide between many of us has created a fertile breeding ground for microaggressions and uncivil behavior.  Microaggressions are the everyday verbal and nonverbal slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.  We will explore together how to identify microaggressions and discuss their potential impact.  We will additionally explore ways to respond to microaggressions, whether you are the target or whether you are speaking up in an ally capacity.

Servant Leadership with a Remote Workforce

TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm
Presented by: Cheryl Josler, Executive Director, HR Services at Dartmouth College
(Aligns with the ‘Strategic Leadership’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

In our time together, we’ll explore the ways in which the dimensions of Servant Leadership (empowerment, accountability, standing back, humility, authenticity, courage, interpersonal acceptance, and stewardship) can be practiced as we move from a time-based to an outcomes-based performance model for supervisors.

The Five Intangible Influences on Collective Bargaining

TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2021: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Presented by: Nicholas DiGiovanni, Attorney- Partner at Morgan, Brown & Joy LLP
(Aligns with the ‘Building Capabilities’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

This presentation will be based on an article entitled “This Much I Know I Know is True: The Five Intangible Influences on Collective Bargaining,” Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy, Vol.3, Issue 1 (2012) Available at http://thekeep.eiu.edu/jcba/vol3/iss1/5/, the paper focuses on the role of history, expectations, people, timing and catharsis in labor relations.

The Origins and Impact of Implicit Bias

THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm
Presented by: Dr. JJ Jackson,  DEI Strategist and Consultant
(Aligns with the ‘Engagement – DEI’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

Where does bias come from and what effect does it have on our lives? By understanding the genesis of bias and its conscious and unconscious intrusions, we can explore ‘the nest’ that spawns our values and beliefs and how it illuminates some of the effects of White Privilege. This session will expand on bias through understanding the impact of microaggressions and stereotype threat, as well as understanding how they can affect various aspects of our lives, from hiring and evaluations to social relationships and personal circles.

Why Psychological Safety Matters More Now Than Ever

THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2021: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Presented by: Allison M. Vaillancourt, VP of Org. Effectiveness at Segal
(Aligns with the ‘Core’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

Psychological safety is the ability to reveal one’s true self and opinions without fear that doing so will lead to negative repercussions in terms of reputation, career or status. While high levels of psychological safety in the workplace are linked to better outcomes, increased innovation, and deeper work satisfaction, many institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to create a sense that it is safe to speak up or take risks. In this interactive session, we will address current forces working against psychological safety in the workplace to include tone policing, vocabulary shaming, political divisiveness, and remote work.

Leading Remote and Hybrid Employees

TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm
Presented by: Ross Gibson, The Richards Group
(Aligns with the ‘Strategic Leadership’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

The world of work is in the middle of one of the biggest transformations in modern history.  In a matter of days in March 2020, the world just about completely shut down and pivoted work that could take place remotely e.g. working from home (WFH) to a new reality.  What employers quickly and, sometimes, surprisingly, learned was that work can continue unabated and can even be more productive when working from home.  While there are still enormous advantages to in-person work settings (and many jobs can only be done in person), we are learning about the incredible personal and organizational benefits to allowing a WFH culture, even on a part-time basis.  With these changes come the demand for human resources and leadership to pivot, as well.  Business as usual with the same policies, guidelines and management practices will not cut it – as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”   In this session, we will explore the HR considerations for the new world of work, focusing on the need to educate, train and empower people leaders to look anew at how they supervise, manage and lead people.  At the core of these new paradigms is the need to extend and build trust and connection.  How do we ensure people stay motivated?  How can we continue building trusting organizational cultures when much or all of our staff work remotely?  How do leaders need to interact differently when their direct reports are remote?  Or when the leader is remote?  Participants and viewers will be provided several key take-aways to help them navigate the new world of work in the post-pandemic era.

Managing a Remote Workforce

TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2021: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Presented by: Rhoda McVeigh, Regional Director for NH/MA at KMA Human Resources Consulting
(Aligns with the ‘Building Capabilities’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

This session will share some of the best practices from clients on Managing a Remote Workforce to meet the evolving needs of both employers and employees. As HR professionals, we need to learn how to work with our teams or certain team members that may be remote for a short period or long period of time.    Some of the issues we will touch on include:  Communicating with remote employees, Exceptions Teamwork Tools and resources, assisting and providing resources to team members that have homeschooling happening, HR remote engagement, and employee relations.

Remote Work Strategies and Practices

THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 2021: 11am – noon
Presented by: Scott Nostaja, Senior Vice President and National Practice Leader for Organizational Effectiveness at Segal
(Aligns with the ‘Building Capabilities’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

The pandemic has escalated both the need and opportunity for many institutions to consider broader remote and flexible work options.  During this session, we will explore emerging trends and best practices in remote work and review numerous factors and implications of remote and flexible work arrangements, including impacts on employee supervision and communication; workplace policies; employee engagement; training and education; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and work-life balance.

Closing Session: Applying the Learning

THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 2021: noon – 1pm
Presented by: Cassie Goryl, Rhode Island School of Design, Eastern Region at-large board member and Southern New England Chapter/Northern New England Chapter mentor
(Aligns with the ‘Core’ focus in CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework)

As the final session to the NNE CUPA-HR Winter Event (learning series), this interactive session will discuss learning from the event and apply examples to CUPA-HR’s Learning Framework and towards individual/team development plans.


By registering, you will receive an all-access pass to our entire event to:

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