Connect — CUPA-HR’s online community — has moved to a new platform

The CUPA-HR Northern New England Chapter has an online community for local professionals in higher education to share ideas, challenges, questions and other relevant information with one another. Anyone can participate in our chapter community, regardless of CUPA-HR membership. The only requirement is that each person have a free CUPA-HR website account. National members and individuals who have made purchases or registered for events on the site already have accounts. To create a new account, simply click the Log In link at the top of any page of the CUPA-HR website and look for the Create a New Account option. Be sure to identify your institution as your organization.

It is easy to join to our chapter’s online community!

  1. Visit CUPA-HR Connect
  2. Sign In in using your CUPA-HR username and password or create an account
  3. Click on ‘Join the Conversation’
  4. Then ‘sign in’ using your CUPA HR username and password
  5. Go to the ‘Communities’ tab, click on ‘All Communities’ in the pull down
  6. To narrow the search for our Chapter, filter by ‘Chapter Communities’ under ‘All Community Types’
  7. Find the ‘Northern New England ‘ chapter among those listed
  8. Click “Join”

After you join, you can customize your communication preferences, post questions and reply to others online or via email. For additional ‘how to’ information see the FAQ’s or watch this helpful video.