Board Positions Overview

NC CUPA-HR Board Positions & Responsibilities

The President* serves as the Chief Volunteer of the Chapter and partners with the regional and national CUPA-HR boards to achieve the Association’s mission. The President provides leadership to the Board of Directors, who sets policy for the Chapter. The President also chairs meetings of the Board after developing the agenda and helps guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns. The President may appoint committees as he or she determines is advisable to assist in accomplishing the mission and goals of the Chapter.  (Automatic Progression from President-Elect)

The President-elect* shall serve as the special aide to the President, and shall assume all presidential duties in the absence of the President. The President-elect serves as Chair of the Program Planning Committee charged with planning and implementing the annual conferences and meetings of the chapter. The President-elect oversees membership initiatives and coordinates with the Directors-At-Large to focus on overarching membership initiatives for the chapter.

The Past President shall act as advisor to the President and the Board to ensure continuity of leadership.

The Treasurer* shall ensure that the Chapter operates on sound fiscal principles. The Treasurer shall present to the Board of Directors the Chapter’s annual budget and periodically report on the Chapter’s fiscal status. The Treasurer shall recommend to the Board of Directors all fiscal policies and operating procedures. Establishes standards for registration, receives registration monies for Conferences and forwards registration information to the Director of Membership; Maintains records for an audit to be conducted for each two-year term by a Certified Public Accountant; Assists with the planning and implementation of all Chapter events.

The Director of Programming shall coordinate all chapter program initiatives to include obtaining approvals for HRCI/SHRM credits; conference/workshop planning to include speakers, venue, and food; program evaluations for attendees; and awards.  The Director will also coordinate any additional programming initiatives such as webinars or workshops, as directed.

The Secretary* shall record all official actions of the Board of Directors and of the membership at the Chapter’s annual business meeting. The secretary will also ensure that members are notified of time, date and place of meetings, and ensure distribution of agenda materials.  Assists with correspondence as directed by the President; Prepares letters of appreciation for Conference speakers, to be signed by the President-Elect; updates the chapter website; monitors the chapter e-mail account.

The Marketing and Communications Director shall coordinate the communications and marketing aspects of the Chapter’s activities. Develops the conference promotional and conference program develop and distribute Chapter Information regarding Conferences and the Application for Membership; Coordinates the mailing list for members and potential members with the Directors-At-Large. Updates and monitors the NC CUPA-HR website making sure that all information is accurate and updated and coordinates with the Secretary to make any content changes that are necessary.

The Corporate Partner Director shall Identify, solicit, and recruit corporate partners as possible sponsors and/or exhibitors. Oversees and coordinates corporate partner activities and recognition during Conference. Maintains a list of exhibitors/corporate partners for participants in conferences and meetings; Develops and distributes information to exhibitors/corporate partners participating in Conferences; Works with Conference site staff to ensure proper set-up; Works individually with exhibitors/corporate partners at the Conference to make sure needs are met; creates/maintains vendors forms for all events/programs.

The Directors at Large (3 positions) will serve as a representative for a particular college/university  responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, assisting with the planning and implementation of all Chapter events, committee assignments, communications, miscellaneous assignments based on the needs of the Chapter.

· Community College Representative

· Private College / University Representative

· Public College / University Representative

Special Note: The Director will need to be employed by the particular college/university he/she is representative. For example, in order to be the Director at Large for Community College one will need to be employed at a community college.


*Requires the person in this role to be at an institution that is a member of National CUPA-HR.


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Last Revised on January 29, 2018