Serve on the Board

Why We’re on the Michigan Chapter Board

Natalie Trent, President

  • After being fortunate enough to attend my second national CUPA-HR conference, I knew this organization was doing things right when it came to providing education, networking and growth opportunities for HR professionals in higher education. From there, I just had to get more involved.
  • Having a network to call on for advice, guidance and experience provides another level of learning.

Deborah McCrory, Past President

  • My interest in Michigan CUPA-HR stemmed from attending conferences, both state and national and presenting at a conference. I became an at-large board member in 2016 because I wanted to be a part of an organization whose mission was to educate and support higher educational professionals.
  • Since becoming a board member, CUPA-HR has provided me with leadership development opportunities at the national level. This has helped me with taking on other roles on the board, especially my current role as President.
  • Collaborating with others on the board is very fulfilling. I especially enjoy the camaraderie among the board members. We work together in a positive fashion as volunteers to provide meaningful educational opportunities, such as conferences and webinars, to support other higher educational professionals in Michigan.

Julie Lowman, Treasurer

  • My interest was not only in expanding my HR knowledge but also my network of HR professionals…While broader HR conferences are great and provide a lot of valuable resources, I really liked that CUPA-HR was geared towards higher ed and approached its learning framework from that perspective.
  • I was also interested because I knew this would challenge me in new ways I might not otherwise have been challenged. This would allow me to add a little variety to my day-to-day job, develop new skills and get out of my comfort zone.

Joe Zynda, Secretary

  • CUPA-HR provided me a way to learn about higher education after moving into the industry after years of working in the private sector. It connected me with a network of HR professionals across the state and helped me appreciate the uniqueness of working in higher ed.
  • After attending two state conferences, presenting at one, and helping to coordinate one, joining the state board seemed like the next step in my involvement. It has been a great way to give back to an organization that helped me immensely in my career.

Heidi Skrzypek, At-Large Board Member

  • I became interested in joining the board when I had attended several conferences and noticed the great committee of people from across the state of MI.
  • Hosting the MI CUPA-HR Conference as chapter president was one of my biggest highlights of my career. It was an achievement I will never forget. It’s what service work is all about and I was glad I was able to do it with my university colleagues.

Carolyn Gregurich, At-Large Board Member

  • I was thrilled to discover University of Michigan (thanks to its former CHRO) played an active role in a professional organization like CUPA-HR, especially given that so many HR processes are unique in higher ed versus industry or non-profit worlds.
  • I was encouraged to join the board by a colleague as an opportunity to expand my network and have a great resume builder. Have been so thankful and happy for the friends I’ve made and the great events I’ve been able to be a part of.

Jake Lathrop, Midwest Regional Board Representative

  • I was fortunate to have been recommended by our CHRO…and was eager for professional development opportunities. I was largely unfamiliar with the board and what it meant to serve, but was quickly welcomed by the current board members and my CUPA-HR career was up-and-running.
  • I never could have imagined the immensely positive impact serving has had on me individually and in my career. I have found that I’ve become much more confident and extroverted in the workplace and am able to get in front of hundreds of people and speak, which would have seemed impossible years ago.