• Our next meeting will be on Friday, February 2nd  2018 at CCBC Catonsville. Register here. Directions to CCBC  Board nominations will be held during this meeting. If you are interested in a position, please email . For a list of board positions, please read the Position-Listing.
  • Agenda
  • ER Prep Power Point  ER Prep Handout #1 ; ER Prep Handout #2ER Prep Handout #3 ; ER Prep Handout #4
  • Creating a More Inclusive Higher Ed Community  Power Point  ; Hand Out #1  ;  Handout #2
  • Our February meeting will feature:
    • Kristi Yowell is be presenting “Just Say No to Hate” focusing on micro aggressions. Kristi Yowell is a CUPA-HR Eastern Regision Board member and Interim Associate Vice President of Human Resources at Towson University.
    • Dr. Meloyde R. Batten-Mickens, Director of Facilities and Operations at Prince George’s Community College is presenting on “HR and Emergency Preparedness-Are you Prepared to Support your College”. Dr. Batten-Mickens is a credentialed Certified Emergency Manager and by the International Association of Emergency Managers. She also serves on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Advisory Counsel (FEMA-NAC) IPAWS Sub-Committee and previously serves on the FEMA-NAC Preparedness and Protection Sub-Committee
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  • The CUPA-HR Maryland Chapter has a forum for local professionals in higher education to share ideas, challenges, questions and other relevant information with one another. Anyone can participate in our chapter forum, regardless of CUPA-HR membership. The only requirement is that each person have a free CUPA-HR website account. National members and individuals who have made purchases or registered for events on the site already have accounts. To create a new account, simply click the Log In link at the top of any page of the CUPA-HR website and look for the Create a New Account option. Be sure to identify your institution as your organization.Visit the forum online any time to post (requires login), or subscribe to the forum, which allows you to send and receive messages via email. To send and receive messages via email, you must subscribe to the forum.It is easy to subscribe to our chapter’s forum! Sign in to CUPA-HR Connect, go to My Options at the top of the webpage and choose My Subscriptions. Click the Add Subscription button, select a Category (chapters), select a Topic (IN Chapter) and the Subscription Type you prefer. Then click Add. That’s it!


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Welcome to the Maryland College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) Chapter. Founded in 2015, this chapter is comprised of members representing a vibrant mix of public and private higher education institutions throughout Maryland. We strive to support our members in their growth and development as human resource professionals, recognizing the complexities of higher education and the diverse members that we serve.

Our Board hopes that you’ll take full advantage of the numerous opportunities available through this chapter, in continued support of your career growth and expansion of your professional network.

Our mission is to provide leadership to the higher education community by providing opportunities for professional development and the exchange of knowledge and experience within human resources.

The Maryland CUPA-HR Chapter is focused on:

  • Supplementing and supporting the mission and focus of the National and Eastern Region CUPA-HR organizations
  • Bringing together human resource professionals in higher education to network, discuss issues of importance, and exchange best practices
  • Providing affordable and timely educational opportunities on topics of relevance and importance to the field
  • Cultivating an inclusive environment, recognizing and appreciating the value of diversity

Thank you for visiting us; we hope that you’ll visit our website again soon. Do not hesitate to contact any member of our Board if you have questions or are unable to locate the information you are seeking on our site.


Connect with us online!
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