ALACUPA-HR offers three membership categories for higher education institutions, organizations and individuals wishing to become involved with work and programs of the chapter.

Institutional membership: Institutional membership is open to all colleges, universities, departments, and system offices in the State of Alabama.  The cost of an institutional membership is $50 per year per institution.

Associate membership: Associate memberships are available to individuals who are educators and human resource practitioners not otherwise eligible under Institutional Memberships.  Retirees of institutions of higher education for which they were employed prior to retirement would qualify for this type of membership.  The cost of an associate membership is $50 per year.

Corporate membership: Corporate memberships are available to individuals or organizations not eligible for an institutional or associate membership which are attuned to the needs and purposes of higher education human resource professionals.  The cost of a corporate membership is $50 per year.

Consider joining ALACUPA-HR!  To join or obtain further information, please contact:

Compensation Analyst
University of Alabama at Birmingham
(205) 996-6525 phone
(205) 975-9420 fax